Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I coulda sworn there was a blog here...

So I moved. You can now find me here. Sorry for the extra clicking...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


First, thanks to everyone who has given me kind words and support lately. I really appreciate it, truly. As some have found out by way of Torn Pages, I am getting a divorce. Its not the ugly, cruel type but the accepting, caring type. He is my best friend, I am his...we just don't make a good spouse for each other. We don't disregard the wonderful times together...we just know that there is more to a marriage than good times. It's confusing and strange sometimes, the social standard of divorce is not something we hold ourselves to. We both love and care for each other very much, too much to hurt the other person. I've decided that if anyone would ever have to go through it, this is the way it should be. Considering the person you met, not necessarily the person they may have turned into.

The other day I was at work and a man came in, asking to look at the ugliest, nastiest snake we had. After asking why, he said that he merely wanted to take a picture of it with his phone. He explained that he was getting a divorce and wanted to take the picture and make it so that when his soon to be exwife called, this picture would show up. He chuckled at his sad little joke and I had to excuse myself from the situation. The childish cruelty of it made me so upset. I came home that night with a new appreciation for SC. He has never been cruel, or mean, or vicious through this. He has been my friend, supporting me through this, being the same person he has always been. I care for him so much and I'm so happy to say that there are good things waiting for him in the future. And when those good things happen, I'm glad that I can say that I will be cheering him on, continuing to be his friend.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

100 Things

1. I am a redhead (duh.)
2. I also have freckles.
3. I like to read but do it in spurts...3 books in 2 days and then lay off for a month.
4. I hate painting my fingernails but can't stand to have naked toenails.
5. I love to bake.
6. I'm allergic to cats and dogs and I grew up around them.
7. I wear contacts.
8. I deeply love good espresso.
9. When I find something I really like, I stick with it versus trying something new.
10. Large groups of people in tight spaces scare me.
11. Clowns disturb me.
12. I have vivid dreams that I remember.
13. I like finishing crossword puzzles.
14. I like the sound of breaking glass.
15. I have lost many friends because of neglect.
16. I like watching old movies.
17. I used to be the party planner. I miss it.
18. I like to watch sports but rarely participate.
19. I love to compete with my brain.
20. I used to be an art student. Now I'm going back to school for the same thing I left 5 years ago.
21. I can't stand the texture of watermelon or tomatoes.
22. I once saw the northern lights in red. It was so beautiful I sat outside on the freezing cold ground for 2 hours watching. Sometimes I think it was so beautiful, I was probably hallucinating it.
23. I won't ever be hypnotized.
24. I smoked cigarettes briefly.
25. I also went through a phase where I didn't eat. It was sad.
26. I feel the need to be "the strong one" in any situation.
27. I rarely cry.
28. I like fresh flowers.
29. I have a birthmark on my leg. It looks like Greenland. Only its brown.
30. I can't swim. I backfloat with concentration.
31. I like to ride motorcycles. I'll only ride with other people if I trust them completely.
32. I lived in a frat house for 2 months. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
33. I've been fed more lines than are countable. Men can be sad.
34. I've also been friends with guys who give out similar lines. Women can be bitches.
35. I like the smell of cigars.
36. I think cars are beautiful.
37. I don't like hospitals.
38. I think that a religion is only worth as much as the people who are involved in it.
39. I've been stood up.
40. I've stood guys up.
41. I've been "the other woman". I only knew it in hindsight.
42. I will always be the DD, if needed.
43. I am thankful that my highschool crush never panned out. He's a loser.
44. I love random trivia.
45. I can't crack my knuckles.
46. I think that honest reality is typically worse than fiction.
47. When I start singing opera, you should cut me off.
48. I dated guys who were cousins. At different times, of course.
49. I can speak some spanish and even less turkish.
50. I have a tattoo. I want more.
51. I love going to good weddings.
52. I don't like hugging strangers.
53. I like playing hand to hand combat video games.
54. I also like bowling.
55. I only buy movies that I will watch over and over.
56. I don't like getting hit on at the gym.
57. My eyes are the exact same color as my hair...auburn.
58. I like to go and sit and just watch and listen.
59. I stock ammo on other people. I have seldom ever used it. The times I have were terrible.
60. The idea of having kids scares the crap out of me.
61. If I won the lottery, I would share.
62. Arrogance annoys me.
63. Constant immaturity gets under my skin.
64. I have tamed animals.
65. Alarm clocks are the worst sound in the world.
66. I have been on the other side of a wall at the same time when a man was pinned by a car and died.
67. Sometimes, I just know things. Information just pops into my head and its right. Kinda like being psychic but on a smaller scale and without any control.
68. I have broken no bones but sprained an ankle playing basketball. I was playing really well up until that point.
69. In highschool, I was voted most likely to be a standup comedian and most likely to move to New York. Notsomuch.
70. People thought I was a lesbian in high school, too.
71. My first kiss was the week after high school graduation. I didn't date anyone until college.
72. I like watching romantic comedies but only by myself. I feel like too much of a dweeb when there are other people around to hear me giggle.
73. Peppermint sticks remind me of my elementary concerts.
74. I used to play in my parent's chest-style freezer. I was a snowqueen.
75. I always get stuck with dirtywork. I'm typically the only person who will do it without complaint.
76. I'm terrible on skates.
77. I can sing well.
78. I love taking pictures.
79. I am a good listener.
80. When I talk to myself, sometimes I think it's so ridiculous I use accents.
81. I used to think that I would never live past 25.
82. I've shoplifted. Now shoplifters piss me off.
83. When I laugh really hard, I snort.
84. I like all types of music except really honky country, really violent rap, and 80s hair bands.
85. I have been to Spain and Mexico. I loved Spain.
86. I don't mind eating out alone.
87. I like fires. I fear burning alive.
88. I like watching surgery shows on tv. I have a fascination with plastic surgery shows, in particular.
89. I like office supplies.
90. I like to run but hate the 'getting started' part.
91. Skyscrapers depress me.
92. I prefer dawdling and taking it all in versus going fast to get to the end.
93. I value integrity.
94. I prefer hearing bad news first.
96. If I'm in trouble, I want to know about it and resolve the situation as fast as possible.
97. I like surprising others with nice things.
98. I think people should respect our elders. And treat the elderly like people.
99. I like to watch people blow their nose. The funny behaviors abound.
100. There's only one me. And I rock.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I love Halloween. And so shall my dog.

Tonight is the pet halloween party at work. I've been pondering what Bug should go as. Rather than purchase something, I decided to be brave and make something. I think it suits her...Presenting Bug: The Ewok.

sidenote: yes, I know its blurry...but you try holding the camera straight when you're laughing your ass off.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Toto is a spaz...

...among other things. But let's not jump the gun here. I, myself, am fairly normal. I'm a recent transplant from Iowa to Kansas City. I lived in Iowa my whole life, enjoyed it, didn't have much of a wanderlust (save a 2 year fascination with Arizona). After recently getting married, however, I was pulled from the motherland to KC. And so here we are...my ramblings available for your enjoyment. Not all pertain to my relocation, it just happened to be a catalyst (That and my mother's convincing that blogs would be another way of staying connected).
As far as the whole Dorothy-Toto thing, I grew up breathing the Wizard of Oz. I blame any skewed sense of reality on that film alone. At any rate, I find it an apt parallel. I'm taken from home to a place I'm a little overwhelmed by. Toto, my faithful companion, happens to be a wildeyed ShihTzu with multiple personalities (her formal title is Bug). After all the adventure and sparkle of the foreign land, all I want to do is find my way back home. And lastly, I am accompanied by (and married) the Scarecrow*. The only difference is that Dorothy wants to get back to Kansas and in that regard I'm NotDorothy. That and she's trying to get to her Auntie Em, I'm Em and that would mean I'm trying to get back to myself...the metaphor goes a little too deep there for me. So at any rate, there's the backstory. Oh yeah, the little *. Scarecrow is a fairly appropriate title for the guy. He's tall, skinny, and has a habit of acting a little goofy. The "doesn't have a brain" part is still in debate. But I'm sure every newlywed has had that conversation with themselves.
Welcome to Oz!